A few days left! Submit your application by May 28, 2018.

Are you a newcomer or establish immigrant living and/or working in the TriCities? Are you interested in making the Tri-Cities a more inclusive community?

If so, the Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership (TC LIP) invites you to join our Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT).

  • As an IAT member you will:
    Provide input to the TC LIP priorties and work
  • Increase awareness and engagement in cultural delivery and intercultural issues
  • Act as a resource for Tri-Cities community service providers
  • Reach out to ethno-specific communiteis and share TC LIP information and encourage participation in its work

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Please email your Application to Abigail Cameron at Abigail.cameron@success.bc.ca by May 28, 2018

ITA Application Form