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Immigrant Advisory Table

The TCLIP Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) consists of individuals who represent a range of countries of origin, lengths of time in Canada, occupational backgrounds, ages and gender and various other forms of diversity. Members will have experience, knowledge, abilities, or skills related to immigrant settlement and integration in the Tri-Cities and are non-partisan. Members of the Immigrant Advisory Table make a minimum one-year commitment.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Review the TCLIP Strategic Plan to ensure it reflects immigrant and newcomer needs and priorities;
  2. Provide input to the TCLIP and its work by participating in Council and working group meetings;
    Act as a resource for Tri-Cities community service providers;
  3. Help lead or co-lead the implementation of strategic priorities in collaboration with the TCLIP members;
  4. Reach out to ethno-specific communities to share TCLIP information and encourage participation in its work.

Meet our members by clicking on their profiles below.

Immigrant Advisory Table 2022-2023

Nigerian born Judith Kambia Obatusa – JKO – is a blogger, author, podcaster and anti-domestic violence activist who lives on the traditional lands of the Kwikwetlem First Nation. She hosts and produces Messy Can’t Stop Her, a podcast where she provides inspiration and practical tips to help women who are living in or recovering from abusive relationships on listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and others.

Using her personal struggles with domestic violence and the child welfare system in Canada, Judith weaves data, facts and anecdotes together with insight from experts and women with lived experience to deliver compelling stories of trials and triumphs.

A recipient of the 2016 WEST of Windsor Phenomenal Woman award, and a Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University, Judith is passionate about de-stigmatizing immigrant acculturation challenges and sensitizing migrants about the impact of domestic violence on their success in their “promised land”.

Judith dreams of a world where the culture of shame and silence that allows the perpetuation of domestic violence in our communities is no longer enabled. This inspires her podcast’s love projects such as the anthology, A Letter to My Darling Husband – on Amazon and the Empowered Faith Tees Shop on Etsy. Proceeds from Messy Can’t Stop Her’s love projects support domestic violence and women’s empowerment initiatives.


My story began when I was working as a pharmacist and came in contact with many patients looking for efficient and affordable treatment for chronic wounds most of which resulted from diabetes and pressure ulcers. Considering the huge impact of chronic wounds on both patients and health care system, I decided to go back to school with the goal of finding new ways to treat wounds more efficiently.  After I graduated with PhD I moved to Canada from Iran to start my postdoctoral research fellowship at UBC.  This postdoc fellowship is a great opportunity for me to build the basis of my future carrier as a clinical scientist, since UBC is one of the world’s leading institutions with world class facilities for education and research.

During all these years in addition to my researches, I have been always interested in getting involved in the community. Community is something that I always cared about and I would love to give my time, skills, and energy to what I care about and that is why I am here. I am really excited to be part of the Tri-Cities immigrant advisory table and hope the experiences I have gotten during my settlement help service provider organization to a better understanding of newcomers, needs, and aspirations d help newcomers to feel welcome.


Carla arrived from Brazil in December 2015 and recently became a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC, with special interests in cognitive and emotional processing and its impact on people with a diagnosis of learning difficulties. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings in the UK and Brazil, including a large educational research project in Bahia (Brazil) and lectures in South Africa. In Canada, she worked for 4 years as a school counsellor at a (K-12) school for students with special needs. Carla has a unique approach for group management and conflict mediation, with a kind and unique approach. She is a natural problem solver and enjoys the challenge of finding manageable solutions to complex issues. She wants to use her combined clinical and international experiences to bring unique and holistic insights that will benefit immigrants and their families.



Born in La Mancha, Spain, I was always fascinated by other languages and cultures. This passion led me to pursue a degree in Translation and Interpreting, and eventually took me to Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands and now Canada, where I work as a language consultant.

My experience serving individuals of diverse backgrounds intertwines with my own story as a global traveler and immigrant. I see my journey as a testament to the enriching connections that can be forged across cultures, and hope to use the lessons learned to positively impact the lives of newcomers.



I’m Katsiaryna, and I recently made the exciting move from Belarus to Canada. As an interpreter, I specialize in bridging communication gaps for individuals with limited English skills. My passion for language and communication drives me to play a vital role in various settings, from healthcare and insurance to legal proceedings and law enforcement, where effective communication is paramount. In my role, I take immense pride in helping people overcome language barriers, ensuring that communication is both clear and accurate.
I am thrilled to be a part of the immigrant advisory table community and am eager to contribute my insights and experiences to assist newcomers in their journey. Whether it’s navigating language challenges or understanding cultural nuances, I would love to offer support and guidance to make the transition to a new life in Canada smoother for all. I look forward to actively participating in our community’s growth.
Kevin (he/him) joined TCLIP in early 2023 with hopes to advocate for the needs and interests of newcomers to the Tri-cities. Growing up in Coquitlam, he witnessed the importance of newcomer services for his Immigrant peers and their families. He is currently a medical student at UBC where he is involved in similar initiatives within his program.
Kevin has also been involved in mental health literacy work for several years and hopes to expand its reach to the Immigrant population. He hopes to remind others that even when things get difficult, you are truly never alone and support is always available!

Nikki Kasravi is a first-generation Canadian from Iran who has come a long way. She is a passionate and committed person who advocates for social justice, anti-oppression practice and celebrating diversity. She is dedicated to community participation and currently oversees volunteer management in a non-profit agency in Tri-Cities. Nikki comes with a strong background in teaching, sales management, translation, and immigration services. 

She is a licensed immigration consultant, director of her company, and a Commissionaire of Oaths in BC. Her formal and informal education includes immigration law, teaching, business management, leadership, anti-oppression, inclusion and diversity, and anti-colonization. Nikki enjoys contributing her time to volunteering and giving back to the community. She is serving on the board of directors with CVC (Community Volunteer Connections) and is a member of the immigrant advisory table at TCLIP.

Sheila arrived in Canada in 2016. She lived in Ontario for 4 years and then moved to Tri-Cities in 2020. Sheila has 6 years of project management work experience in China. After immigrating to Canada, she has been actively involved in volunteering work in communities and local school boards. Sheila is currently doing a certificate program of Career Development and Academic Advising in the University of Calgary. She hopes to use what she has learned and her immigrant background to help new immigrants and international students find their career paths in Canada.

James was a newcomer to Canada in 2009. He has over 20 years of working experience in different countries in Asia and Europe. He took different roles including operation, commercial and management. James holds a Master’s Degree in Management and a BA. Since he came to Canada, he took a few different jobs. Currently, he works for a Fortune 500 global logistics and supply chain management company, and he has the title of Director of Sales for Western Canada. He is managing a professional sales team responsible for B.C., A.B. and the prairies provinces in Canada.