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Immigrant Advisory Table

The TCLIP Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) consists of individuals who represent a range of countries of origin, lengths of time in Canada, occupational backgrounds, ages and gender and various other forms of diversity. Members will have experience, knowledge, abilities, or skills related to immigrant settlement and integration in the Tri-Cities and are non-partisan. Members make a minimum one-year commitment.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Review the TCLIP Strategic Plan to ensure it reflects immigrant and newcomer needs and priorities;
  2. Provide input to the TCLIP and its work by participating in Council and working group meetings;
    Act as a resource for Tri-Cities community service providers;
  3. Help lead or co-lead the implementation of strategic priorities in collaboration with the TCLIP members;
  4. Reach out to ethno-specific communities to share TCLIP information and encourage participation in its work.

Meet our members by clicking on their profiles below.

TCLIP Is Looking for New Immigrant Advisory Table Members

The Immigrant Advisory Table consists of individuals who represent a range of countries of origin, lengths of time in Canada, occupational backgrounds, ages, gender and various other forms of diversity.

Advisory Table Members are volunteers and must live or work in the Tri-Cities.

Members will have experience (lived or professional), knowledge, abilities, or skills related to immigrant settlement and integration in the Tri-Cities and are non-partisan. 

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Immigrant Advisory Table 2020-2021

Hamasa Wahab

Hamasa arrived in Canada in 2007 and can speak four languages. She left Afghanistan at a young age, lived in Russia, and Saskatchewan, Canada, before settling in the Tri-Cities with her family. She has worked with multi-barriered individuals and done translation work for various organizations. She is currently completing her studies in Social Work.

Jianlong WangJianlong arrived from China in 2016. He spent many years in the IT industry. He is looking forward to building community connections and sharing experiences to help more immigrants in their settlement journey.

Karan arrived from India in 2011 and speaks four languages. He left a career in real estate to study and work for non-profits. He works as an Executive Director for Many Ways Home Housing Society and an Administrator for Pacific Youth and Family Services. Giving back to his community is his first priority.

Kevin has been with the IAT since 2018. He arrived from Iran the same year. Kevin was involved in last year’s Newcomer Employment Week as a volunteer. Welcome back, Kevin!

Kim Darcey

Kim has been with the IAT since 2018. She arrived from Scotland almost 12 years ago. Kim joined IAT in order to give back to the community by supporting individuals and families to feel at home and help them from a practical, cultural and social aspect. Welcome back, Kim!

Kirti Bhardwaj

Kirti arrived from India in 2019. A lawyer by profession, she has studied Canadian Immigration Law and provided guidance for new immigrants seeking advice. She hopes that the IAT will give her a chance to put her knowledge into practice and help fellow immigrants deal with the many challenges of integration in a new society.

Laura Lei

Laura has been with the IAT since 2018. A teacher by profession, she arrived from China in 2013. Laura was one of the exhibitors at the PoCo Farmers’ Market last year, showcasing her husband Isaac’s artworks and tea as a way of sharing her culture with the larger Canadian community. Welcome back, Laura!

Liyuan Wang

Liyuan completed her PhD degree in Biochemical Engineering and worked at a university in Australia before moving to Canada in February 2020. She has mentored people and experienced what it’s like to be part of a diverse, multicultural society. She can relate to the challenges many newcomers face in Canada and is looking forward to participating as an advisory member and providing insights.

Lucien Kang

Lucien arrived from China in 2014. An international student, he has been volunteering with SUCCESS and SFU. His experiences have given him a better understanding of a multicultural environment and what it means to be an inclusive community. He hopes to become a counselor to facilitate conversations with fellow immigrants going through many challenges in their settlement journey. For him, joining the Immigrant Advisory Table is a great opportunity to engage with the community, learn from the community and better service the community. Becoming a member is a big step for him to get closer to his goal of helping create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Navid MozaffariNavid arrived from Iran in 2015. He has worked in an immigration consultancy company and is currently doing marketing & content development as an internet entrepreneur. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge about the challenges immigrants face before and after going through the immigration process.

Precious ChigumoPrecious arrived from Zimbabwe in 2020. She is a Process Technologist and speaks English and Shona. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences as a newcomer and learning more about integrating into her new home.

Roman KayumRoman arrived in Canada in 2006. He has done newcomer integration work with youth in Ontario. He is interested in youth counselling & coaching and hopes to acquire more skills & knowledge to help more people in their settlement journey.

Shabnam MelatparastShabnam arrived in Canada in 2019 with an MA in Urban Planning from Iran. She likes Canada because of its multiculturalism which provides opportunities to see other people’s views on different issues. Shabnam loves learning and is currently studying to be an event planner at BCIT. She is looking forward to more opportunities for connecting and sharing her knowledge with others in her new home.