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BC Anti-Racism Action Plan

By Gov of BC |

Racism is the belief that one group of people, identified by physical characteristics of shared ancestry (such as skin colour), is superior to another group of people that look different from themselves. Racism occurs when individuals or groups are disadvantaged or mistreated based on their perceived race and/or ethnicity either through individualistic or systemic racism.

There is no place for racism, discrimination or intolerance in our province, communities or classrooms, but we know it continues to exist. B.C. students, families and staff face racism every day. Our schools need to support an understanding of culture, race and ancestry to create safe and inclusive learning environments. It is difficult but important to dismantle the effects of Canada’s colonial history and critical that people with lived experience guide this work.

We want to address racism in all its forms. B.C. public school districts must have codes of conduct and independent school authorities must have policies to address racism and discrimination and align with the B.C. Human Rights Code.

We created a Community Roundtable on Anti-Racism in education to assist the Ministry of Education and Child Care in developing an anti-racism action plan to dismantle racism and discrimination in our education system. Check back here for updates on the Anti-Racism Action Plan.

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