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Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 Unveiled 

Based on several community consultations and literature review and analyses, the TCLIP developed its Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2019. Four strategic priorities were identified:

  1. Immigrant Labour Market Integration
  2. Newcomers’ Knowledge of and Access to Community Information and Services
  3. Social Isolation of Tri-Cities’ Newcomers
  4. Civic Engagement of Tri-Cities’ Newcomers

TCLIP has successfully received funding for the implementation of these strategic priorities for 2016- 2019. During the implementation phase, we will continue to emphasize the importance and value of partnerships, collaborations, community engagement and sustainability in our activities. Our annual action plans are guided by the strategic plan and directed by the TCLIP Council and several committees.

See ANNUAL REPORT for more information.


Current Projects

The Tri-Cities LIP is pleased to announce the following initiatives for 2020-2021:

Research on Immigrant Integration & Inclusion Needs

The ultimate goal of the project is to identify needs and gaps in the integration and inclusion journey of newcomers in the Tri-Cities. The research will:

  • Determine community priorities related to immigrant integration and inclusion
  • Identify potential strategies that the collaborative could enact to support community priorities
  • Develop key indicators to measure the success of the collaborative in addressing needs and gaps to integration and inclusion

This research project will provide community stakeholders with a roadmap to guide and align opportunities for collaboration. Click on the PDF to find out more about this Research RFP opportunity.

Community Inclusion Dialogues

The Community Inclusion Dialogues will provide a safe and engaging space for Tri-City residents to learn about important topics that fosters a sense of belonging. Share your thoughts and ideas on what makes the Tri-Cities welcoming and inclusive for all.

We are open to hearing topics that may be of interest to residents. Share your ideas through the Contact Us page.

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