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Immersive doc screening offers eat-what-you-see experience

A group of Tri-City Syrian women will cater a screening of ‘Soufra,’ a documentary about Syrian refugees who attempt to escape the toils of a refugee camp through food.

A montage worthy of the late Anthony Bourdain flourishes across the screen: Syrian pickles, croissants slathered in za’atar, and a cigar-shaped, Syrian-take on baklava.

In what the New York Times has called a “stirring tale of empowerment,” the documentary Soufra hinges on the tale of a group of Syrian women, caught in the Bourj el Barajneh refugee camp in Lebanon.

“I feel like I’m in prison,” says one woman.

“What can we do to improve our situation?” asks another.

As the unlikely group of refugees-turn-caterers raise money on Kickstarter, they dream of their own food truck. “A Moving Feast,” they’ll call it, but not before the realities of living without papers kicks in.

For a one of a kind screening, join The Tri-Cities Friends of Refugees — a non-profit that helps local refugees transition into their new lives in Canada — as they present the documentary Soufra Saturday, May 4, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Northside FourSquare Church in Coquitlam.

For $19 a piece, guests will be treated to a traditional Syrian meal, prepared in-house by Syrian women of the Tri-Cities.

Source: Tri-Cities News

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