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Internationally trained nurses to benefit from faster processing in Canada

By HR Reporter |

Internationally educated nurses (IENS) looking to practice in Canada will benefit from faster processing, thanks to a new expedited credentialing service from the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).

Under a new service, NNAS advisory reports will now be issued in participating provinces within no more than five days of all documents being received.

The advisory reports compile and authenticate the documentation regulators require from IENs to begin the licensing process. They also show how the applicants’ international education compares to Canadian nursing competencies.

NNAS is introducing the development in partnership with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, the College of Registered Nurses and Midwives of Prince Edward Island (PEI), the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan, and the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba.

“We are pleased to partner with provincial regulators to make it faster for IENs to have their documents verified and start the licensing process more quickly, while still maintaining important safeguards to protect the integrity of our healthcare system,” says Gayle Waxman, executive director, NNAS. “We have the infrastructure to offer timely service to IENs from around the globe and the experience to do so effectively. We look forward to partnering with all regulatory bodies to take advantage of this more efficient process.”

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