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New regulations streamline pathway for international credentials

Internationally educated professionals will soon have a more streamlined, efficient and transparent process to get their credentials recognized in B.C.

“The Premier gave me the task to get the International Credentials Recognition Act across the finish line, and I’m happy to say we’ve done it,” said Ravi Parmar, Parliamentary Secretary for International Credentials. “For too long, skilled professionals from around the world have come to our province hoping for a better life, only to find roadblocks in their way. But now, with these regulations, we’re changing that. It means simpler, fairer rules so these professionals can start working in their fields faster, providing the services our communities need.”

The International Credentials Recognition Actwill come into effect on July 1, 2024, after significant consultation with 18 regulatory bodies, led by the parliamentary secretary for international credentials.

The act will require regulatory bodies to reduce red tape and remove barriers in 29 professions and make it easier, more transparent and quicker for those qualified professionals to pursue and achieve credential recognition, no matter where they were trained.