Priorities & Projects

Research on Immigrant Integration & Inclusion Needs

In order to review & renew its Strategic Plan, TCLIP is collaborating with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) to identify needs and gaps in the integration and inclusion journey of newcomers in the Tri-Cities. The research will:

  • Determine community priorities related to immigrant settlement and integration services
  • Identify potential strategies that the collaborative could enact to support community priorities
  • Develop key indicators to measure the success of the collaborative in addressing needs and gaps to integration and inclusion

This research project will provide community stakeholders with a roadmap to guide and align opportunities for collaboration. A public presentation of the findings will be held in December 2020.

For more information on this research, click here.

Service Provider Forum

Every Wednesday in February 2022, The Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership will be hosting a forum for community service providers who work with newcomers and immigrants. This space will be an opportunity to network, share promising practices and strengthen your agency’s understanding on newcomers’ needs. As of now, all sessions will be hosted virtually through Zoom, 9am-12pm on February 2,9,16,23, with the possibility of one(1) in-person session to promote networking.

The Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership’s goal in this project is to improve communication between service providers and newcomers. During these sessions, we are interested in hearing directly from service providers to learn from their experiences. Sharing what is working effectively for your organization or identifying areas of concern will guide our research forward and bring us one step closer to creating viable recommendations to improve communication between service providers and newcomers to Canada.  

Please register your interest here.

Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Leadership Candidates

The Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Project aims to strengthen the capacity of leadership candidates to achieve their goals – while also supporting organizations to meaningfully implement inclusion policies.

Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Project will engage diverse, equity-seeking voices (including but not limited to Indigenous, Black and people of colour (IBPOC), LGBTQ2S+, women, newcomers, refugees, and youth) and support them with tools and connections to participate in leadership roles.

We recognize that one of the barriers to reaching certain levels of leadership is the limitation regarding information, professional networks, and familiarity with leadership roles for groups who don’t necessarily have access to social circles where these resources are shared. If one is part of a group that lacks representation in senior leadership levels, it’s hard to be an “insider” who understands the path that led to these positions or how they function. With the intention to bridge this gap TCLIP will offer capacity building and networking opportunities to leadership candidates.

The Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities project for Leadership Candidates will begin Winter 2022. Register your interest in this project and we will send an update very soon. 

Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Organizations

The Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Project aims to support organizations through all the stages of development, implementation and progress measurement of inclusion plans tailored to meet organization’s individual needs.

The Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities will guide organizations (non-profit and private) along the necessary steps to meaningfully implement inclusive policies, including providing support with readiness assessment, capacity building training for leaders, development and implementation of an inclusion plan, peer support and coaching, outcome assessment and long-term planning.

Learning commitment is over the span of four months with sessions held once every three weeks. Participants in this project are engaged in a cohort learning model, which fosters opportunity for group learning and networking. The use of storytelling, breakout rooms and assignments to take back to your agency are some of the tools used for active engagement.

The Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Cohort 1 is currently in session. Please check back for information on how to join the next cohort.