Priorities & Projects

Past Research

From 2014 – 2016, the Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership engaged research organizations to conduct several research studies to identify community priorities around immigrant integration. These studies were presented to community stakeholders to share the barriers that newcomers and immigrants experience and to identify collaborative strategies to address these immigration settlement barriers.

Research on Immigrant Integration & Inclusion Needs

In order to review & renew its Strategic Plan, TCLIP collaborated with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) to identify needs and gaps in the integration and inclusion journey of newcomers in the Tri-Cities. The research:

  • Determines community priorities related to immigrant settlement and integration services
  • Identifies potential strategies that the collaborative could enact to support community priorities
  • Develops key indicators to measure the success of the collaborative in addressing needs and gaps to integration and inclusion

This research project provides community stakeholders with a roadmap to guide and align opportunities for collaboration. A public presentation of the findings was held in December 2020.

Feasibility of Various Service Coordination Models in the Tri-Cities

On behalf of the Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership (TCLIP), a research organization conducted a feasibility study on various coordination models in the context of Tri-Cities from October 2016 to January 2017. This research project identified various models and best practices in service coordination in order to increase immigrant and refugee access to settlement and community services in the Tri-Cities.

Tri-Cities Labour Market Scan: Labour Market Needs & Immigrant Workforce Integration

This research project was intended to develop a better understanding of the role that recent immigrants play in the regional labour market of the Tri-Cities labour. It also aimed at identifying barriers and opportunities for the participation of newcomers in the regional labour market from the perspective of local and regional employers. The project was conducted in several phases between July and November 2015. It included a literature review and consultations with employers and newcomers to develop recommendations aimed at enhancing the integration of newcomers into the Tri-Cities labour market.

Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership Research Initiative

Research on the Civic Engagement of Immigrants in the Tri-Cities provided an increased understanding of newcomers’ perceived community integration needs with regard to social, political, cultural and economic participation in the Tri-Cities. The research process, conducted from October 2014 to March 2015, included key informant interviews, surveys with the community as well as organizations in addition to focus groups.