Priorities & Projects

Diverse Leaders Project: Leadership Candidates and Organizations

Project Launch

Launched in November 2021 and funded by the Vancouver Foundation, the Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Project aims to foster more inclusive workplaces by engaging both Organizations & Leadership Candidates.

The project intends to strengthen the capacity of leadership candidates to achieve their leadership goals while supporting organizations to meaningfully implement inclusion policies. The first cohort of the project delivered between November 2021 and March 2022 supported non-profit organizations interested in building their capacity to implement workplace inclusion plans. Each organization that joined the project participated in capacity building sessions that supported them in carrying out readiness assessments, reflecting on their organization’s values, and reviewing workplace inclusion policies.

New Partnership Announcement with World Education Services on Phase 2 of the #ImmigrantWorks Initiative. Read the full announcement HERE.

In 2023, TCLIP partnered with World Education Services in their national #ImmigrantsWork initiative. This initiative is rooted in community partnerships to activate local employers and facilitate the co-creation of practical and easy-to-implement community-driven solutions that help identify, recruit, hire, and retain local immigrant talent.

More info on #ImmigrantsWork initiative

In response to the ongoing Canadian labour crisis, World Education Services (WES) launched #ImmigrantsWork to work with community partners in mobilizing local employers to co-design solutions that help identify, recruit, hire, and retain local immigrant talent. Building on the successes and learnings from a pilot phase, World Education Services selected the Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership as one of the five new community organizations across Canada that will be joining the second phase of the #ImmigrantsWork initiative.

“The Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership is delighted to partner with WES on #ImmigrantsWork. With this initiative, local employers are engaged to better understand how to access the diverse talents and skills immigrants bring to the community, while strengthening inclusive practices to retain talent and foster innovation.” Ryan Drew, co-chair of TCLIP and director of Integrated Services for Newcomers with S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

“The partnership with WES will benefit the Tri-Cities community by enabling meaningful connections between employers and newcomer job-seekers that recognize newcomers’ unique skills, lived experience, and international work experience while supporting employers’ labour needs.” Claire MacLean, co-chair of TCLIP and chief executive officer of SHARE Family & Community Services Society.

Project Expansion and Updates

From June 2022 to February 2023, the Diverse Leaders Tri-Cities Project expanded its reach to offer capacity strengthening and networking opportunities to leadership candidates. The project aims to support participants to build on their own strengths and further develop their capacity to communicate effectively. TCLIP engaged diverse, equity-deserving voices and provided them with tools to strengthen their capacity on storytelling, self-advocacy, and networking. Workshops also included a deconstruction of the concept of professionalism and leadership through decolonial lens, and the development of tools to assist participants in creating their own path toward their leadership goals.

The leadership candidates’ cohort provided valuable insights, indicating a desire for enhanced practical skills development sessions, increased mentorship opportunities, expanded networking avenues, and more opportunities for interaction with both peers and community leaders. For that reason, in December of 2023, TCLIP hosted the Growing Together: TCLIP Employment Forum that brought to leadership candidates discussions around mentorship. 

The event began with an interactive discussion panel on how an inclusive mentorship can support immigrants and refugees’ professional growth. The Growing Together Employment Forum also offered a networking session that aimed to connect newcomers and job seekers with a diverse group of networking facilitators and give newcomers the opportunity to ask the networking facilitators questions about hiring, mentorship and expand their professional network. Newcomers also had the opportunity to choose from four workshops that included themes such as recruitment tips and tricks, self-employment, transferable skills, and insight on the current labour market.

Please click here to access the graphic recording of the event.