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Tri-Cities Community-Based Planning Project

About the Project

Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership (TCLIP) is launching a community-based planning project (CBP) in April 2022. TCLIP will bring together local stakeholders /organizations who support the settlement process in the Tri-Cities area to work collaboratively to explore interest in community-based planning, including the potential for a community-based funding model.

What is Community-Based Funding (CBF)?

CBF incorporates some level of participatory resource allocation to community service providers and organizations. Within this model, local stakeholders coordinate funding and service delivery at a local level to better respond to local community needs reducing gaps and duplications in funding, coordination and service delivery.

Key Components of a Community-Based Plan:

  • Participatory
  • Leverages strengths of each community stakeholder
  • Identifies opportunities
  • Reduces gaps and duplication in services
  • Meets identified community priorities

WHO are involved

We aim to engage 20 organizations and groups who support and deliver settlement services in Tri-Cities. These include:

  • Community/non-profit organizations
  • Settlement service providers
  • Local governments
  • Funders of settlement services
  • Newcomers who are committed to taking a collaborative approach

HOW - 3-Stage Approach

Environmental scan and literature reviews will be conducted to map existing settlement resources in Tri-Cities and explore issues relating to the challenges and opportunities of implementing Community-Based Planning.

Co-create & Co-design
Local stakeholders will be invited to 4 workshops where they will co-create and co-design a Tri-Cities CBP and CBF model. They will also consider issues implementing the plan including how resources are allocated, decision making processes, and identifying challenges and benefits.

Community Plan & Report
A community plan will be drafted incorporating the information gathered at the workshops. This plan will be shared with workshop participants to get their input and feedback.

When And Where

  • 4 workshops will be conducted between June 2022 – June 2023
  • 1 forum will be organized to share the findings in Fall 2023


For More Information:

Jackie Hong
Outreach & Engagement Specialist
T 236-880-2176