Priorities & Projects

Anti-Racism Community Responsiveness Project

According to a Statistics Canada data on police-reported hate crimes in 2021, the number of incidents reported to police in 2021 has increased by 27%. When talking specifically about hate crimes related to race, we can see an increase of 21% in incidents in British Columbia, and 97% in Metro Vancouver.

Funded by the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network, and in partnership with the Port Moody Police Department, TCLIP developed an anti-racism initiative to strengthen Tri-Cities communities’ capacity to respond to incidents of racism. As part of this project TCLIP implemented community engagement activities and developed anti-racism resources and tools. To support the development and implementation of this initiative, TCLIP brought together law enforcement and representatives from equity-deserving groups in an Advisory Committee. This group informed the development of resources, tools and training that will support educational opportunities for both law enforcement and community at large while also providing support to victims of racism.

Please find the Anti-racism Toolkit here.