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This section features stories related to our strategic priorities and local news relevant to the Tri-Cities on immigrant inclusion.

Apprenticeship programs target women, newcomers in B.C. construction

Modernizing B.C.’s skilled trades training and apprenticeship programs may be able to help broaden and diversify the construction industry’s talent pool. Doing so is critical for the industry, which is being squeezed by a labour shortage that is expected to intensify. While programs exist to connect new workers with employers, there remain barriers to the […]


B.C. introduces anti-racism legislation, promises to hold public bodies accountable

The B.C. government introduced legislation Thursday that’s designed to hold public bodies accountable for addressing systemic racism in policy and programs, the province’s attorney general said. Niki Sharma said the proposed law would cover provincial ministries, agencies, health-care and social service providers, and require the development of a public action plan using data the government […]


Essential Canadian tax terminology: Brush up on your lingo!

Only 14 per cent of Canadians are very confident in their understanding of tax-related terminology finds a poll conducted by TurboTax Canada. According to the survey findings, 27 per cent of Canadians have never heard of the term NETFILE. This lack of clarity can lead to confusion and increased stress during filing season. More so […]


Eleventh Annual Immigrant Women of Inspiration features passionate filmmakers

There was nary a dry eye in the audience as the closing credits rolled for Scarborough, Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson’s debut narrative feature film, at its premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Based on the award-winning novel by Catherine Hernandez, depicting the lives of the predominantly immigrant neighbourhood of Scarborough, located in the […]


Engagement launched for Canadians of South Asian Heritages museum

People in British Columbia now have multiple new ways to contribute to the vision for the first-of-its-kind cultural museum celebrating Canadians of South Asian heritages and their contributions to the success of the province. Building on the first phase of engagement, public engagement opportunities will be expanded starting Tuesday, April 2, 2024, through an updated […]