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This section features stories related to our strategic priorities and local news relevant to the Tri-Cities on immigrant inclusion.

Amazon boosts language programs for workers

Amazon is looking to help workers advance in their careers by focusing on language. The company is expanding its slate of language programs globally under its Career Choice program, offering English-language classes in the 13 non-U.S. countries the program operates, as well as local language classes in some countries. The new program will include English-language […]

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'A huge barrier for newcomers': Universality of B.C.'s health care questioned

Imagine you have a newborn, delivered in a B.C. hospital, and you face a bill for thousands of dollars. It’s not supposed to happen, not with universal health care, but as many immigrants arriving in B.C. have discovered, so-called universal coverage does not apply to them because they face a three-month wait before they are eligible […]


Where are new Canadian citizens coming from?

In the next three years, Canada will welcome more than 1.45 million new immigrants across its immigration streams—in the hopes of settling and assimilating these newcomers to strengthen the economy, demography, and culture of the country. The arrival of immigrants is crucial to the continued health of Canada. The country hopes to not just integrate newcomers as […]


Regulatory changes to ‘eliminate barriers’ in bringing international doctors to Manitoba: province

Newly approved regulatory amendments will help internationally trained doctors work in the Manitoba health-care system sooner, the province announced Friday. According to a news release, changes to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba’s regulations remove the requirement for internationally educated physicians in specific membership classes to pass their Medical Council of Canada Qualifying […]