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This section features stories related to our strategic priorities and local news relevant to the Tri-Cities on immigrant inclusion.

Halal food industry growing to meet demand as Muslim population continues rising

Eleven years ago, the recipe for the McCain Deep’n Delicious cake — a decades-old Canadian classic — changed.  To many Canadians, the removal of beef gelatin from the cake’s components may have gone unnoticed. But for Muslim shoppers used to checking the ingredients of food products, it was cause for celebration.  “It went kind of […]


How to immigrate to Canada as a healthcare worker

Amidst an alarming shortage of healthcare workers across Canada, this article from CIC News will provide an overview of how to immigrate to this country as a healthcare worker and acquire accreditation to find employment. In September last year, CTV News released a story about three teens who were unable to find treatment at their local hospital, […]


Landed immigrants from Africa and Asia see highest employment rates in Canada

A recent study by Statistics Canada revealed that landed immigrants from Africa and Asia had the highest employment rates on average, compared to landed immigrants from other regions around the world. Note: “Landed immigrants” (or simply “immigrants”) are technical terms used by Statistics Canada to denote a permanent resident of Canada. Individuals with a temporary status (i.e.: workers on […]


The Power of Mentorship

January marks Mentoring Month. In a diverse country like Canada, mentorship becomes a crucial bridge for newcomers seeking assistance in carving out their career paths or settling into their new educational endeavors. A mentor can be a source of insight and feedback, aiding you in navigating the challenges of your journey. Mentors not only encourage […]


Over 300,000 people became Canadian citizens in 2023

According to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in 2023, more than 354,000 people became Canadian citizens in more than 3,000 citizenship ceremonies across the country. In 2022, 375,413 people became citizens of Canada, marking a notable surge in the nation’s naturalization trend over the preceding two years. To put it in perspective, the number of new Canadian citizens […]