We Bring Strength

Diversity brings strength, resilience and hope in the Tri-Cities communities. We are proud to call the Tri-Cities our home. Read the following Refugee Success Stories to understand how refugees bring resilience to our communities.

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“Canada has provided me with a safe and secure life. It has given me the belief to succeed and to find my way, my passion, myself. These were opportunities I did not have in my home country.”

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Fereshteh Torabi: I BRING COMMITMENT

“I do not know where I would be today if not for the amazing support system I received from many Tri-Cities organizations. Their support has helped me to achieve my goal of learning English and has allowed me and my children to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.”

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Abbas Khanehzarrin: I BRING DILIGENCE

“I came to Canada without knowing the language and I attended all my English classes. After 3 years, I received my high school diploma. I have recently graduated from the Security Systems Technician program at BCIT. I am optimistic about my future and believe that my success is about to begin. Diligence brings success and that’s the key to achieve our goals.”

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“After coming to Canada, I worked hard to learn English and make many Canadian friends. I volunteered with many organizations and was recently hired by a local company. My favourite thing about Canada is the lovely people who have helped me and my children so much. My children will have a good future in a safe place.”

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Fariba Hooshmand: I BRING INITIATIVE

Anyone can achieve anything they want in any stage of their life and we should strive to help others in the community and use the available resources to improve ourselves. Today, I call Canada my second home and my goal is to make Canada an even better place.”

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“Canada has provided me a chance to study and improve myself, and most importantly, a safe place to live for my family. I continue to work on myself to achieve the success that I want. I am attending English classes, and I facilitate a seniors’ group.”

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“Brave is not the one who can run to the end, but the brave who can run to the end even after falling. I just want to say thank you to this wonderful country which has a lot of humanity. I love and adore Canada.”

Find out more about Suhail.