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Workplace Inclusion Tools

The TCLIP is currently developing a series of Workplace Inclusion Tools on networking, transferable skills, and establishing an online presence. The first of these, our Networking Toolkit, is available below. Please check back for new tools!


When newcomers arrive in Canada, many face systemic challenges during the job search process. It is important to identify that there are barriers that are outside of the job seeker’s control, and the job search outcome is not always a reflection of their efforts or skills. TCLIP has designed a networking tool with the goal of empowering newcomer job seekers to begin to map out their support networks. This toolkit was developed directly from insights, expertise, and inputs of newcomers based on what would be helpful to them, and what they wish they knew during their own job search process. 

TCLIP believes that having a strong professional network is very important not only to increase newcomer’s chance of finding the right job in Canada, but also to create more opportunities throughout their career journey. Building network is about the process of developing personal connections and genuine relationships in their area(s) of interest.  Click here to access to toolkit