Priorities & Projects

Our Projects

The Tri-Cities LIP has led many initiatives to raise awareness of the issues faced by immigrants and refugees and to build the capacity of the community to address these issues.
Currently, the TCLIP Team is leading an initiative called the Anti-Oppression Capacity Building Project. The project includes both training and research. The training intends to strengthen and build the anti-oppression skills currently held by service providers. Once training is complete, research will be conducted to assess
  •  oppression awareness,
  •  settlement outcomes due to adoption of anti-oppression approaches, and
  •  responsiveness and coordination of service delivery.
In 2022, the TCLIP has also launched a Community-Based Planning Project to work collaboratively with local interested parties to explore community-based planning and funding models.  This participatory model leverages the strengths of each participating organization, identifies opportunities and works to reduce gaps and duplication in services, while meeting identified community priorities.