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Automation to speed up processing of International Experience Canada work permits

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is improving how it processes International Experience Canada (IEC) work permits by expanding the use of automation technology. A new tool will help process IEC work permit applications by triaging applications based on their complexity and approving eligibility for routine applications. This will improve efficiency by making decisions faster for some applicants. It will also support the growth of IEC and facilitate work and travel for international youth in Canada.

Automated tools are part of IRCC’s commitment to using technology responsibly to build a stronger immigration system for all of our clients. IRCC reviews the tools regularly so they work as intended and results are consistent with applications that receive a full human review.

The triage function of the IEC work permit tool takes on most clerical and repetitive tasks related to sorting applications, allowing officers to focus their attention on assessing applications and making final decisions. The tool triages applications using rules developed by experienced IRCC officers, based on the legislative and regulatory criteria of the program. Files are directed to officers for further processing based on office capabilities and officer expertise.