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How an ECA can help you immigrate to Canada

Many newcomers who want to immigrate to Canada will require some proof of their education level, and what equivalent it holds within the Canadian education system, to prove their eligibility.

This is where an education credential assessment (ECA) serves a critical function for newcomers, helping to contextualize a candidate’s educational achievements for the Canadian immigration system. However, ECA’s can also do much more than prove your eligibility for immigration.

What is an ECA?

An ECA is a document that assesses a newcomer’s international education credential and determines its Canadian equivalent. Newcomers can order ECAs from organizations that are designated by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess foreign education credentials.

There are several kinds of ECAs offered by many of these organizations, including ECAs for professional licensing and certification, employment, education, and immigration purposes (among others). Choosing the right ECA for your needs is crucial.